Caribbean Wedding Made Easy! With all The Beauty of Rincon Puerto Rico

caribbean wedding on the beach villa
Wedding Ready on Rincon Beach .... View of Caribbean and Desecheo Island

Rincon, Puerto Rico is not the type of Caribbean Wedding destination that has one long 'beach strip' lined with resort hotels, tourist shops and traffic. Rincon's beaches are smaller, intimate beaches - perfect for a Caribbean wedding service on the beach.   


Match that with the luxury, size, beachfront location and privacy of 8th and Ocean you have your main Caribbean Wedding Plan in place!!   


Here are some other fun ideas for your Caribbean Wedding from Travel Therapy ....

  • Invitations - Maybe a message in a bottle invite has been done before, but it never gets old! On the other hand, there are plenty of creative wedding invitations to consider. Try using handmade paper made with dried tropical flowers. For something really out-of-the-box, consider boxing large conch-sized seashells containing the wedding invitation inside of it printed on a beautiful parchment scroll. Incorporate the particulars of your wedding celebration into a treasure map with the X denoting your nuptials on the beach.
  • It’s all about the Cake - Well, maybe the cake doesn’t top your list of most important details, but chances are, it probably does for plenty of the guests! If your wedding is completely outdoors—on the beach, perhaps—then you have sun, wind, and sand to contend with. Having a simple wedding cake doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty or great taste. Why not consider showcasing a sand castle wedding cake under glass, but serving slices of sheet cake adorned with candied starfish or a sugared flower. Or, consider infusing your choice of cake with island flavors like coconut or citrus fruits to create a dessert that is in tune with the wedding’s theme.
  • Place Cards & Wedding Favours - These items are always a great way to add your personal touch to the celebration. There are endless possibilities for creative place cards; consider using a piece of coral, a sand dollar, or a small sculpted sandcastle. These items can be purchased inexpensively and they add a thoughtful touch to the event. As for wedding favors, these could be incorporated into the place card setting or provided separately. In the old days, couples handed out a pack of mints in some cheesecloth. Today, a generous bride and groom might consider a more elaborate favor—a sterling trinket or a gold charm. Try planning a favor that can also double as a souvenir for your guests who have traveled to be with you.
  • Themes - Barring the obvious—tropical or beach theme—which, naturally, would be a shoe-in, you might consider opting for some other theme to help you tie the celebration all together. If you’ve got a thing for pink flamingos, for instance, run with it for everything from bridesmaids’ dresses to special pink cocktails. If you’re opting for an informal event, consider a fifties-style beach party complete with bonfires, canoe races, and dance contests. Borrowing some design inspiration from the island’s indigenous flowers can also be creatively thematic.

Rincon's paradise is waiting for you and your wedding guests. Nuptials on the beach, tropical sunsets, ocean breezes and your Villa on the beach — this Caribbean island is enchanting and destined to give you a wedding that is as memorable as it is beautiful.  Contact us if you need any assistance in planning your wedding at Rincon's 8th and Ocean Vacation Villa on the Beach!

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