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Umbrella & Chair Rental at Domes Beach | RD2H
Umbrella & Chair Rental at Domes Beach | RD2H

One of our guests' favorite things about 8th and Ocean is the beautiful beachfront location on Corsega Beach.  You walk out your Rincon Vacation Rental's gate and onto a beautiful beach.  No driving required!!


But, when you are ready to explore the other beaches of Rincon on your vacation, here are some ideas ...

  • Drive through Rincon's Downtown on the 115 to "Puntas" and the 413 (aka The Road To Happiness).  Named by surfers because many of Rincon's surfing beaches are accessed via the 413
  • Hit Sandy Beach by turning left at the Puntas Bakery and look for the RD2H Rentals.  Normally they set up in the parking lot across from Mango Beach Shop in a large trailer full of Board, Chair & Umbrella Rentals.  They are right on the beach and will happily set up a chair and umbrella on the beach for you if ones aren't already set up.  You can grab a drink at Tamboo Bar & Grill, sit on the beach and enjoy!  Or rent a board, get wet and enjoy!
  • On your way back home, take a right turn at the tree across from Puesta Del Sol bar (on the bluff overlooking the ocean) to visit The Lighthouse (El Faro) - and then continue all the way till the end of this road and you will be at Domes Beach - look for RD2H Rentals at the very end of the road - rent a chair and umbrella and watch some surfers or whales depending on the time of year and Mother Nature
  • As you head back past El Faro, on your right, you will see Calypso Cafe and another large parking lot.  This is Maria's Beach - again depending on the time of year and Mother Nature you can decide to rent a chair and umbrella or board from RD2H - grab a drink at Calypso Cafe and watch the beach activities or join in!
  • As you leave Maria's Beach, simply turn right out of the parking lot, this puts you back on the 413, with the Ocean on your right.   You will dead end into the 115, turn right and it's a straight shot back to 8th and Ocean and your Beachfront Rental!!!

Note:  if you want to be certain you can rent a board, chair or umbrella make sure you contact RD2H and confirm they will be there.  

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