Sail & Snorkel During Your Vacation | Rincon Puerto Rico Villa

Rincon's Katarina Sailboat 787-823-SAIL
Rincon's Katarina Sailboat 787-823-SAIL

Rincon Puerto Rico has tons of great activites.  We have listed them out in previous blogs.  Now we will take a closer look at a few. Starting with ....  

  • Snorkeling from the 32 foot Catamaran / Katarina Sailboat in the beautiful Tres Palmas Marine Reserve 

With steps that lead directly into the water, you can snorkel the reef right from the boat. During the daysail you will enjoy socialising, a homemade lunch, sunbathing, music, drinks, sailing, swimming and of course snorkeling!


This is a uniquely wonderful opportunity to see Rincon from the Caribbean Sea!  Contact Katarina at


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