Rincon Wellness & Yoga Center Close to Your Puerto Rico Vacation Villa

This is Peaceful Ocean View Wellness and Yoga Center - it is a small international retreat center down the road, on the 429, from your 8th and Ocean Rincon Puerto Rico Vacation Villa .


They offer yoga classes in small groups, yoga wellness weekends and yoga vacations in a beautiful guest house with panoramic ocean view, cooking classes according to yogic and ayurvedic principles, and thai-yoga massages.

For mental and emotional transformation and cleansing they welcome you to our kirtan satsangs, meditation classes and pujas.


Contact Devaki - Ask for directions from 115 at Edward's Market - it is about a 15 minute drive, just a bit South of 8th and Ocean - www.peacefuloceanview.com & yogainrincon@gmail.com

phone: ( +1)787.823.2581


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