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One of Rincon's Beautiful Beaches To Protect
One of Rincon's Beautiful Beaches To Protect

In October of 2012, a new group - based off a historic Rincon group - grew from one community gathering to show support for and to protect Rincon's prestine beaches.   These are the same beaches you will enjoy while on your Rincon Vacation Villa, 8th and Ocean


The Liga Ecológica,  was once a very active group of environmentalists who focused on keeping Rincon and Puerto Rico clean and keeping intrusive development projects away from protected wildlife habitats. The new aim, as of October 2012, is to revive this League and work towards a new League that will serve to keep the community aware of such projects and do our part to protect the beach and all of the wildlife in this area and it's surroundings.


Please give them your support, and stay in touch with the development of this organization by visiting them of Facebook - Nueva Liga Ecológica


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