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The official name for this beautiful location in Puerto Rico is  Cayo Aurora.  It is about a 1 hour drive from your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental, and makes for a fun day trip.  GPS is 17.94183 -66.874814 and here is the Google map from Rincon


You'll find all kinds of information and great reviews of Gilligan's Island in Puerto Rico.  It is definatey a fun day trip during your Rincon Vacation.


Here is a great review from Puerto Rico Day Trips ...

  • a small island managed by the Departmento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (DRNA) — that’s Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural Resources. The island is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Guánica.
  • It has a few SMALL, sandy beaches, but it is mostly covered with mangrove trees. There is a small beach on the north-west side of the island that has a roped-off swimming area that is marked with buoys to protect swimmers and snorkelers from watercraft. Note: there are no life guards, so you swim at your own risk. This area has some nice coral formations and we found it good for snorkeling. The water around the island is crystal clear and warm. The bottom is sandy and people can swim all around and through the mangrove channels.
  • There are a number of picnic pavilions (all pretty close to one another) on the north side of the island, some with BBQ pits, changing huts, a composting bathroom and trash cans. There is a pier for boats to tie onto when loading/unloading passengers. And there are millions of hungry mosquitoes — bring bug spray and apply generously!


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