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Tres Palmas Horses by Jessica G
Tres Palmas Horses by Jessica G

Horses are a big part of the Puerto Rican culture.  While staying at your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental keep an eye out for horses grazing and horses on the roads!

  • There are monthly "Cabalgatas" - Horse Parades in and around Rincon.  Where people take to the streets to ride together from one location to the next, normally between bars.  Remember to drive slow and cautious when you come up on a Cabalgata!
  • Trail Rides on the Rincon Beaches and El Faro trails - PintosRUs meets up in the Rincon Marina and takes you on a guided and beautiful ride to view places in Rincon you may otherwise never see!  Look for PintosRUs rides on the 413 by Tres Palmas, drive slow!
  • And then there are the beautiful Tres Palmas horses that graze between the hill sides above the 413 to the beachside of Tres Palmas - creating beautiful images like this one caputred at Sunset by Jessica G.

Rincon may be known best for its Surfing and Sunsets, but keep your eyes open for the Beautiful Horses during your Rincon Vacation too!!!

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