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This Blog was inspired by yesterday's Sunset (photos here).   The Beauty of yesterday's Sunset reminded us that although Rincon has many beautiful things to see and do ..... none may be as amazing as the Sunsets.  It is clear why this Caribbean town is called "El Pueblo de los Bellos Atardeceres" (The Town of Beautiful Sunsets)


Rincón was founded in 1771 by Luis de Añasco. It is located in the Western Coastal Valley. Rincon is home to many of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico, including Domes, Marias, Tres Palmas, Sandy Beach, Pools Beach, and Rincon Town Beach Plaza. It is also home to many calm, clear Caribbean beaches including Córcega Beach where your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental is located.


Other Rincon Information

  • Land Area: 36 sq km (13.8 sq mi)
  • Water Area: 40.12 sq mi
  • Population: 14,301
  • Density: 410.1 per sq km (1,070.0 per sq mi)
  • Housing Units: 6,827
  • Hymn: Rincón es mi pueblo querido...
  • Wards/Neighborhoods/Barrios: Atalaya, Barrero, Calvache, Corcega, Ensenada, Cruces, Jaguey, Pueblo and Puntas.
  • the major industry is tourism.


You'll find that many people speak English in Rincón. Enjoy your Rincon Vacation

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