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If you are craving a Starbuck's coffee in Rincon you will not find it.  And you should have no problem with that because in Rincon we have Banana Dang!   Offering, some would argue, a better coffee than Starbucks.   Plus, Banana Dang is small, personal and unique ... just like Rincon itself.  Head up to Puntas from your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental, to the 413, on the right you will see Banana Dang (photos below)


Check out some of what they have to offer ....(or for a full menu of smoothies, teas and muchies visit Banana Dang)

  • Espresso bar
  • Espresso Ristretto | Short double pour of espresso served in ceramic 1.5oz
  • Macchiato | Espresso marked with steamed milk 3oz
  • Cappuccino | Espresso with densely textured steamed milk 7oz
  • Latte | Espresso with mildly textured steamed milk 12oz
  • Mocha | Espresso, chocolate + steamed milk 12oz
  • Hot Banana Mocha | Espresso,chocolate,banana syrup+steamedmilk 12oz
  • Vietnamese Coffee | Espresso with coffee + condensed milk 10oz
  • Americano | Espresso served over hot water 12oz
  • Red Eye | Espresso served over black coffee 12oz
  • milk options—whole, lowfat, soy milk + almond milk

 Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

Dang Contact Phone: 787.823.0963 Email:

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