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Tamboo has been a Rincon Restaurant on the Beach for many many years, but in 2012 they renovated their beachside deck to add a 2nd story.  So while staying at your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental, make sure you head over to Sandy Beach because Tamboo has  a new amazing view with all the same ....


Tamboo Beside  proclaim: "If you haven't been to Tamboo Tavern, you haven't been to Rincón!" That's not far from the truth; this beachfront bar and restaurant, located smack on Sandy Beach, is practically a rite of passage in this part of town. It helps that there are few, if any, places quite like Tamboo. The pleasant, open-air bar is a meeting point for locals and visitors alike, its neon sign like a beacon in the night and its buzz of chatter and music a siren call for those looking for a place to mingle and relax. Tamboo has received its share of accolades and awards. A few honorary mentions:


  • CNN GO named it among their Best 50 Beach Bars in the World
  • Esquire Magazine called it one of The Best Bars in America
  • Travel & Leisure said it was one of America's Best Beach Bars
  • Condé Nast Travel said it was one of the Best Beach Bars in the Caribbean

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation


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