Quenepa Fruit of Puerto Rico

Summer in Rincon is the time of year to stop at a fruit stand and buy some quenepas!    This small round fruit is about the size of an olive with a hard skin. Inside you’ll find a very sweet luscious fruit with a jelly like consistency, most people eat them fresh...just bite the outter skin enough to open it up, squeez the inside fruit into your mouth and suck on it like a hard candy!!!


Quenepa fruit is full of fiber for lowering cholesterol, Vitamin A, Vitamin C,  calcium and phosphorus which is important for digestion and regulating hormones. Quenepa also contains a large amount of tryptophan which is important for good sleep.


There are fruits stands in various places of Rincon that sell quenepas. 

  1. La Placita (gas station / mini mart) on the North end of Rincon (where the 413 and 115 meet) 
  2. Closer to your Rincon Vacation Villa , in the Do It Best Hardward parking lot, on the 115, you'll find a fruit stand
  3. On the corner of the 115 and Calle Las Frabricas (basically across the street from Econo) is a fruit stand

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation popping some quenepas!!!

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