Rincon's Laid-Back Vibe

Sunset from 8th and Ocean
Sunset from 8th and Ocean

Here is another nice little article describing the unique qualties of Rincon's laid-back vibe part of charm!


You'll enjoy that vibe at your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental ... and you will be right on the beach in style!


Some of the highlights of the article ...

  • Surfing isn’t the only water sport in town. Rincón is a major diving and snorkeling destination, too. Taíno Divers offers daily tours to Desecheo Island and local reefs for beginning and experienced divers and snorkelers. Taíno also offers sunset and whale watching tours, as well as offshore fishing and bluewater hunting charters for wahoo, tuna and mahi-mahi.
  • Whatever you do during the day, be sure to wrap it up in time for sunset because watching that flaming yellow ball drop into the ocean is a major social event in Rincón.  

Both 'sunsets' and 'snorkeling'  you can do without leaving 8th and Ocean!!  Enjoy Your Rincon Vacation!!!

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