Cabalgata Horse Parade in Rincon Puerto Rico

This last Saturday, if you were staying at your Rincon Vacation Villa Rental, you hopefully saw the "Cabalgata" for Felipe Cruz!   This horse parade started at Plaza Amastad in Rincon and proceeded South through Rincon on the 115 to Anasco - the return route was on the 429 and beach roads.  The event started at 1pm with music and food for everyone (horse owners and non horse owners).  It ended well after 10pm.


"Cabalgatas" are horse parades and they are an amazing tradiction in Puerto Rico.   People and their horses will gather in the hundreds to ride together.   The rides normally start and end with a gathering at a park. The park is a place for eveyone to eat, drink and socialize - no horse required - but lots of beautiful horses to view.   During the ride itself, everyone stops at bars for drinks and socializing. There is normally a lead vehicle with music that 'clears the way'.   It is definitely a sight to see!   


Cabalgatas are held for all kinds of reasons, to celebrate people (as with this Rincon Cabalgata for Felipe Cruz) or holidays or just to enjoy the horse life in Puerto Rico.   A famous and grand Cabalgata is the "Discovery Day" Cabalgata held yearly in Aguada Puerto Rico (The town neighboring Rincon from the North).  This might be one of the larges Cabalgatas on the island and it is held yearly on November 19th.  It is said Columbus discovered Puerto Rico when he landed in Aguada, so Aguada is the location of this huge Cabalgata.


Please remember when you see horses riding in the roads of Puerto Rico to slow down and respect the space of the horse.  You never know if a horse will get spooked and it is always best to give a horse space!   Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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    Nice piece on the horses. Is this a tradition only in PR? Thx

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    Lenin (Thursday, 15 February 2018 15:21)

    Deseamos ir hoy a pasar para saber el costo estamos por el area 787-452-5447