Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Viewing in Rincon

If you will be staying at your Rincon Beachfront Vacation Villa Rental this Sunday September 27th you will want to gather up the whole family and head over to the Rincon Lighthouse.

"BE RINCON, the Astronomic Society of the Caribbean and the Municipality of Rincón invite you to a special event to witness the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse. The last time this unique astronomic phenomenon took place was in 1982, and it wont be visible again until 2033!!!  Enjoy a beautiful night near the Punta Higüero Lighthouse. Delight in the sound of the ocean, the stars and the incredible Super Moon Lunar Eclipse. We promise it is going to be an unforgettable night!"  

The night will include the following activities:

  • Children activities will begin at 7:00pm by the staff from Semillas Para una Nueva Humanidad.
  • The observations with telescopes will begin at 8:30pm and will be organized by the Astronomic Society of the Caribbean.
  • El documentary, Journey to the Stars, will be played at 7:30pm / 8:30pm / 9:30pm.

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation!

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