Halloween for the kids in Rincon

Trying to figure out a good family fun activity for Halloween during your stay at your Rincon Beachfront Vacation Villa Rental?

Try The Enchanted School 2015 Event at Semillas para una Nueva Humanidad.    

"We are planning another magical night for kids to come and enjoy hallow's Eve celebration on a safe and fun setting. Our school grounds will become enchanted. Kids will enjoy storytelling by our maestros and then will go on the land's trails trick or treating at the different stations where they will only get yummy health treats. No need to overload kids with sugar and artificial colorings and stuff. Last year, it was the talk of the town...kids and adult enjoyed this special celebration.  Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, save the date and spread the word."

Welcomed Costumes:

witches, ghosts, skeletons, gnomes, scarecrows, black cats, pumpkins, fairies ... you get the idea

Not Welcomed Costumes: (this is a kid's event and we don't want anyone to be terrified!)

vampires, zombies, scary or grotesque costumes, sexy costumes

Enjoy your Rincon Vacation

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